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Nature of Gemini Woman

The Gemini is intellects, highly expressive and very communicative in nature. They are very adaptive and think a lot before reacting for situations or pre plan it accordingly. They always seek for new ideas and discoveries which are never ending and gets stimulated to action. Thus at times this constant search of new things may end up in loosing their tracks. But as they become old they become cognitive in distinguishing and gets oriented back.

They like to converse a lot and form networks with others but however they do not like to get themselves associated with any clubs.They are endowed with reason or understanding in breaking the complexity of life. Gemini woman's are very cordial, refined and are marked by regard for the needs or feelings of others. They can be a good home maker as well as business women and are good at reading and writing. They are mentally fatigued and possessing or manifest vigor of mind. They are the one's who instinctively or habitually doubts and unless and until without proofs it is difficult to convince them.Inspite of all these positive traits at times they mess up because of their dual nature.


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